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Meet Three Philanthropists Who Aren't Even Old Enough to Drive

young philanthropists
So, when are you old enough to start making the world a better place? When you’re old enough to drive? When you buy your first home? When you’re a parent?

young philanthropist, Greg, neurofibromatosisThe answer varies depending on your circumstances. But some people get an early start in rallying for causes that matter to them. Here are a few great examples!

Greg, 13, started selling candy bars at his mother’s softball games to raise funds for Make-A-Wish kids. He has since expanded to selling wish stars; he turns the money he collects in to the Make-A-Wish Radiothon in his New York community. What made Greg get started? He received a wish, the result of being diagnosed with neurofibromatosis when he was a toddler. Since then, he’s had more than a dozen surgeries. He wished for a hot tub, which still offers therapeutic benefits for his condition.

“My goal is to make children that have diseases … like me,” Greg told a local newspaper, “to make them feel the way I felt when I got my hot tub that day.”

young philanthropist, AbramThen there’s 10-year-old Abram from Michigan. He started selling lemonade in July, opening to raise $1,000 by summer’s end. By the time autumn rolled around, he’d surpassed $10,000.

Like Greg, Abram’s drive to raise funds is a result of having a wish granted. Not only is he a successful young philanthropist, but he is also cancer free. And he’s truly learned what good acts can do to help others.

"He remembers what he went through, you know, between four years old and five years old," said Abram's mother, Kelly. "He remembers it, but he's really connecting with it now.”

Not every up-and-coming wish granter is a wish kid, though. Aubrey, 11, has raised funds for wish kids since she was 7, when she began by asking people to donate to Make-A-Wish instead of giving her birthday presents.

young philanthropist, AubreyTo date, Aubrey has raised more than $30,000 to grant wishes. She raised the money though ice-skating parties, selling bracelets and participating in events.  Earlier this year, she even met a boy whose wish came true because of her effort. But does she ever miss all the birthday presents she could’ve gotten?

"I don't really think about it, ever," Aubrey told a local newspaper.

Are you a student interested in helping wish kids in your community? Check out our Kids For Wish Kids® page to get started!

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