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Yes, It’s OK to Play Cards Against Humanity in a Neurosurgery Waiting Room

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You mourned first for the child that you have, and once more for the child that you did not get. I know that there are times, over 5,000 days post-diagnosis, that you still mourn these losses.

These words are from a blog post by Sarah Guistolisi, the sister of a wish child. The post is an open letter to her parents; Sarah confronts the difficult emotions, she consoles her parents and she offers a glimpse of what others like her can expect. She does this all without hiding from the hardship, but she keeps her sense of humor.

Here are a few of my favorite thoughts from Sarah’s post in the Make-A-Wish Ohio, Kentucky and Indiana blog:

  • You mourned first for the child that you have, and once more for the child that you did not get.
  • You are a superhero that wakes up each morning ready to fight the sickness that never stops.
  • As much as I wish you wouldn’t, I have no doubt that you both logged these occurrences into your mental list of parenting fails, especially as parents of the healthy ones living by the rules of an illness that is not theirs.
  • I learned that comic relief is not sinister; it’s a survival mechanism … It’s even okay to play Cards Against Humanity in a neurosurgery waiting room.
  • I learned that in all situations, happiness is a choice.

Some of Sarah’s thoughts aren’t easy to read because she doesn’t hold back. She’s not afraid to share about the difficult times, or about the sometimes-dark humor that can make her family’s life a bit more manageable.

If you are part of a family facing the same struggle or just want to better understand someone in that situation, make this a blog post you read today.

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