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Kennedy meets real ballerinas
When I was born, I was diagnosed with mild cerebral palsy. While this condition was less severe than what it could have been, life for me was not without minor challenges. Thanks to my mother, I grew up a normal kid playing sports, swimming, and doing everything with just a little more effort. However, I wanted to try ballet more than anything else. With CP, muscles in the limbs tighten and atrophy rather quickly. Because of this, ballet was its own difficult challenge … one that I never pursued fully because of the demanding nature of the art and my own lack of confidence. Honestly, it’s one thing that I regret.

Reading about two ballet-themed wishes spoke to me in a very personal way. The stories gave me hope, joy and inspiration to think about my own dreams. If I was given a wish (besides meeting my favorite Broadway actress), I would take a ballet class.

Caitlin wished to have a dance partnerCaitlin Battles Back to Ballet

Caitlin, 17, was pursuing her dream to be a professional ballerina. However, her cancer diagnosis forced her to stop dancing because of the toll of the treatments. She was unable to keep training Make-A-Wish fulfilled Caitlin’s dream: to have a male dance partner in a pas-de-deux class.

The Joffrey Ballet in New York City gave Caitlin a special experience. She started her day the way all dancers do: taking class. After that, Caitlin danced with a principal dancer and a few other company members in a small performance for family members. In other words, it’s what she always wanted. 

Performance and Practice Perfect Kennedy’s Wish

Kennedy wished to meet real ballerinas

Kennedy, 6, also had a similar wish: to meet real ballerinas. She and her family flew to New York City and met dancers at the New York City Ballet, and were treated to a live performance.

Kennedy even got her makeup done by some of the dancers and took photographs like a pro. The video footage of the wish shows Kennedy perfecting her leaps and turns while waiting for a taxi after the performance.

Two Kids Full of Courage

It’s almost surreal watching ballet on stage or on film. There’s a kind of beauty and strength in it that can’t be explained. What struck me so much about these two stories is the amount of courage Caitlin and Kennedy had to keep going in spite of their struggles. The resulting joy brought me joy and maybe some unwelcomed tears. There’s this “anything is possible” type of feeling. Maybe I should take a lesson from them.


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