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A Surprise Unlike Any Other

ESPN Sportscenter "My Wish", WWE, John Cena, Triple H
KJ, a 7-year-old wish kid with a chronic renal condition, walks hand-in-hand with his mom into a local movie theater to catch a morning showing. He enters the theater and notices a surprising lack of people. Every seat he sees is empty … except for one. Sitting by himself is a man who KJ instantly recognizes, but never expected to see in person. It is none other than Paul Levesque, otherwise known as WWE® Superstar Triple H®.

KJ’s jaw drops in surprise as he tries to make sense of what he thought was a typical trip to the movies. He points and half-believingly exclaims, “You’re Triple H!”

ESPN Sportscenter "My Wish", WWE, John Cena, Triple HPaul welcomes KJ and goes on to share that KJ will have his one true wish granted to meet WWE Superstar John Cena®. For KJ, the gravity of the moment reveals itself in the huge smile plastered to his face.

I was fortunate enough to see this happen in-person as part of the ESPN SportsCenter “My Wish” series, which showcases the incredible stories of wish kids whose wishes involve their favorite sports figures. I was there when KJ experienced one of the most important parts of every wish – the “reveal” when wish kids find out their wish will come true.

The uplifting nature of a wish reveal is something that everyone should have the chance to see. Fortunately, you can! Throughout the week of July 19, ESPN will highlight five sports wishes for the “My Wish” series.

ESPN Sportscenter "My Wish", WWE, John Cena, Triple HAs you will see, each wish kid’s reaction is unique, yet equally meaningful. Upon hearing that their one true wish will be granted, some wish kids, like KJ, stare excitedly in shock unsure if they can believe what they are seeing. Others, like Ariya, who wished to meet WNBA player Maya Moore, turn and immediately embrace their loved ones, overwhelmed with emotion. Others still, like Hailey who wished to meet Olympic swimmer Michael Phelps, can do nothing but laugh hysterically. As varied as the reactions may be, there is one, unifying trait that holds true: The moment of the wish reveal will be a moment that stays with wish kids and their families forever – bringing hope and strength even during the most challenging times.

ESPN SportsCenter will showcase a new wish each day from Sunday, July 19, through Thursday, July 23. In addition, Sportscenter will air a one-hour “My Wish” special on Thursday, July 23, at 7:30 p.m. ET, with highlights from all five wishes. A special compilation of the five wishes can be seen on SportsCenter on Saturday, July 25. For more information on this year’s series, visit

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