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Wish Wednesday- Real Places, Fairytale Settings

Addison is a princess.
Once upon a wish … Make-A-Wish had a task: to turn the real island paradise of Hawaii into the perfect fairy tale kingdom for a princess.

Through a lot of time and creative teamwork, Make-A-Wish framed the perfect princess world in Waima Valley (or Kamuela), just north of the Big Island. Waima Valley is known as the place ‘where Hawaii comes to life.’ In this case, it would be the setting for a fairy tale world would that would come to life. 

Extending many miles through hills, jungles, clear skies and hidden waterfalls, Waima Valley already offered an enchanting scenery. But, with script writer Alan Chan and several actors and actresses from Diamondhead Theartre, Waimea Valley transformed into the fairytale town of "Arboretia.”

A colorful path of rose petals, signs and riddles led the way for the princess Addison. Along the way, a prince and squire needed her help finding the queen. At the end of Addison’s journey, Alan’s Waimanalo horse was ready for her spotlight. She got to play "Princess Sparkles,” the unicorn, for a day, too. 

“In Hawaii, it takes our whole island home to make these wishes possible," - Make-A-Wish Hawaii

On to Wonderland

One girl found her wonderland when she went up, up, up an open rabbit hole.  Does that story sound familiar?

No, this wasn’t quite Alice’s story. But the lovely thing about this wish is that it was in so many ways the same as Alice’s in Alice’s adventures in Wonderland. For Robin, who lay in bed undergoing treatment for a brain tumor, her imagination was her only escape. Alice’s world seemed the perfect place to be.

Robin's Wonderland

But first, it would require the making of such world … a plan that would involve countless months and hours of planning and talented, kind-hearted people in the Seattle community. Actors, designers, groundskeepers and store managers would double themselves as the Mad Hatter, March Hare, Teapot and Dormouse. The gorgeous Bloedel Reserve on Bainbridge Island, Wash., would become Robin's version of Wonderland.

Robin’s mom, J.T., remembers how every contact with a Make-A-Wish volunteer “sparked a ray of sunshine, a sense that something wonderful was in the works.”

Another Emerald City Fairytale

Make-A-Wish also saw the possibility of another fairytale wish in Seattle with a production based on a children’s book, "Goodnight Moon." Grace became part of the cast of local actors and even added her own character: the red space giraffe.

Grace in a fairy tale story

Although it would seem many fairytales are the same, not one little girl’s fairytale world is the same. I’ve realized they are actually one in a million, a smile for us all, a unique script, dozens of people coming together to prepare for a wish. And each one requires a creative vision to transform what we see every day into storybook settings. 

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