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Random Wish Kid Photo - Jamesia Goes on a Shopping Spree

Jamesia shopping spree Mississippi
Timing is everything, especially when you have a camera in your hand. Lose your concentration or fumble with the settings for even just a split second, and you can miss a perfect moment in time. It will pass with only our memory to preserve it.

Fortunately for us all, Swayze, the development and communications coordinator from Make-A-Wish Mississippi, was ready in every way when 10-year-old Jamesia got her shopping spree wish started.

Jamesia spent some time with a teacher's iPad before being admitted to the hospital to treat her bone cancer. When her new friends from Make-A-Wish asked her to name her true wish, she thought an iPad would be a great way to pass the time at the hospital. She thought even bigger, and wished for a shopping spree.

Well, Jamesia's wish granters saved her a step. They had gifts waiting in the limousine that would take her for the shopping spree. She peeled the wrapping off one and found her iPad inside … and, well, I guess she was more than just a little happy.

I wonder what you see as you look into this perfect moment in Jamesia's life.

I see proof that a wish experience can lift kids away from the wrenching worry of fighting for their lives. And it tells me that people like Swayze know how to elevate a wish experience. They see wish kids as individuals, and they plan the little details that reflect what's distinct about each of them. Jamesia's wish granters connected to her, realized what was important to her, made it even better than she may have imagined. And then they preserved the joy of her moment to remind her – to remind all of us – of what's great in life.

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