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A Reason for Optimism Among Loss

Fault in Our Stars
The passing of wish kids is always difficult for the Make-A-Wish family. When this happens, we have to find optimism in how they lived their lives.

This is on my mind because of 13-year-old Maggie, who wished to see the screen adaption of The Fault in Our Stars. She passed early in February, shortly after being one of the first people in the world to see the movie.

Maggie’s poise and bravery made an impression on Josh Boone, who directed the adaption of John Green’s best-selling novel. Josh posted some moving words about his experience with Maggie on his Tumblr page:

Maggie Philbrook, a brave and beautiful young girl, lost her battle with cancer yesterday. Maggie was one of the first people to see THE FAULT IN OUR STARS thanks to the Make-A-Wish Foundation and 20th Century Fox. I was able to Skype with her briefly after she watched the film and was devastated to learn she had passed away the following day.

He also shared some words from Maggie’s mother, Moira, about Maggie’s wish.

Yesterday started off on a high. Maggie’s Make-A-Wish was granted! .... Maggie’s wish was to see an advanced copy of a movie that isn’t due to be released until June. She was able to choose a limited number of people to see the movie with her, and four of her closest friends came to share the day with her. 

The Fault in Our Stars resonates with many people in the Make-A-Wish world. And we see in these words from Josh and Moira that Make-A-Wish resonates with many others who witness its impact.

Maggie did more than live her one true wish. She showed others how their kindness makes the world better. My hope is that we all act on that knowledge in a way that’s important to each of us.

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