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Wish Wednesday: Celebrating Music Wishes

Ivy's wish
Last weekend we celebrated music with the GRAMMY® Awards. Music. The variations of melodies that can energize us, uplift our spirits, calm us, soothe our pain and take us back to memorable moments. For a creator, music is a portal of escape … an opportunity to release negative emotions and reach a state of bliss. For this week’s Wish Wednesday join me in celebrating wish kids who connected their musical aspirations to a rejuvenating wish experience.

A Musical Production with Creativity & Courage

She has a creative vision and set designers, producers, and makeup artists ready to bring it to life. When Ivy dons the short black wig she is transformed – no longer a cancer patient, she’s the star of a music video. With her musical wish, Ivy shares a message of peace. She intends the lyrics of “At Ease” to inspire others. And that gives her extra motivation to stay positive thru her own medical challenges. Read more about Ivy’s wish to share her music and step into the 1940s while watching the “At Ease” music video.


Musical Equipment to Achieve DreamsJoe wished to have a violin

It’s the telltale story of overcoming adversity to pursue a dream. Joe loves playing his grandfather’s violin. Every evening after school he would plays its melody. But then, at 15, he was diagnosed with cancer. Physically weak, he could barely pick up a pencil. With one wish Joe has hope. He has a violin of his own - the motivation he needs to keep fighting. Against enormous odds, Joe returns to playing. And within four months, he performs for his family and friends at Carnegie Hall in New York City. Watch the video of Joe’s violin wish and hear from Joe and his mom.


Recording a Melody in Nashville Sarah recorded her song

Sarah doesn’t let her spinal muscular atrophy get in the way of her music. When she writes lyrics and strums her guitar, she escapes into a world of hope. She envisions her songs professionally recorded. Thanks to Parlor Production Studios, Sarah’s wish comes true in Nashville. Watch Sarah’s wish experience and hear her sing “Let me go back.”


Check out these and other music related wishes. Watch their wish videos. Witness how their music inspires their courage. And in turn, let their music give you hope and inspire your creativity – as they do for me. I wouldn’t be surprised to see any of our musically talented wish kids a few years from now healthy and receiving a music award.

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