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Wish Wednesday: Wishes in the Fast Lane

Allan's car designer wish
Your adrenaline is pumping, the starting flag waves and you tap your foot on the gas pedal.

Some wish kids love fast cars, the people that drive them, and even the people behind the scenes designing them. Being a part of a race team, watching a superstar race car driver cross the finish line and even designing a one-of-a-kind car … all are part of fast lane experiences Make-A-Wish kids have enjoyed. This week, join three wish kids and experience their wishes in the fast lane.

Jeff Gordon lifts JohnnyRacing for His Life

There is nothing Johnny loves more than speed. For Johnny, life has always been a race against time. This might explain his passion for NASCAR and his favorite driver, Jeff Gordon. After having a double lung transplant as a newborn, Johnny wasn’t supposed to survive his first year; but here he is at 11, getting the ride of his life. Jeff invited Johnny to Charlotte and named him as his honorary crew chief for the day. Johnny experienced the roar of the Number 24 car’s 750-horsepowered engine, as well as watching Jeff live on the race track. After his experience in Charlotte, Johnny has seen his wish for speed come true.

From Crayons to Race Cars

What started with crayons and paper has turned into life-long career aspirations for Allan. Allan, a 17-year-old battling leukemia, started drawing sports cars at the age of four. Ten years after he started drawing, Allan’s wish to be a car designer came true. He traveled to the General Motors Tech Center Headquarters in Detroit to present his designs to the senior level team at GM. Not only did he get advice and tips from the experts in the business, Allan also got to ride in some of the most iconic cars in the history of GM. Allan looked beyond leukemia and envisioned a career based on creativity. His wish could set the course to a career centered around cars.

A Place on Victory Lane

Wish kid Kyle with Kyle BuschSome race fans dream of basking in the spotlight of victory lane -- standing on the podium, holding the trophy in all its glory. That is exactly where 8-year-old Kyle ended up with his racing hero, who just happens to have the same name. Kyle loves any minute he can get in the garage, building child race cars with his dad, Tim. Kyle traveled to Charlotte, NC, to spend the day with racing super star Kyle Busch. Together, they took a tour of the shop, raced remote control cars, and celebrated his race victory. The excitement Kyle has when talking about racing is accompanied by the unknown of how much longer he will be able to race. Kyle has a genetic disorder, viewed by doctors as a medical mystery.

A race experience is about so much more than the car or the driver. It is about the feeling of accomplishment and victory, something wish kids strive for every day. A wish in the fast lane can take on many forms so check out these other race-related Make-A-Wish experiences. I hope you are as inspired by the desire for greatness of these wish kids as I am. Look out for them on the race track!  

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