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Feb 21, 2014

Turning Your Wedding Into Wishes

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There are so many ways to contribute to the Make-A-Wish mission. I had no idea just how many there were until I began my career with Make-A-Wish as an intern during the summer of 2010. I learned something new about fundraising every minute of every day, and was astonished by all the ways people could help.

One in particular really inspired me: to donate on behalf of wedding guests instead of giving wedding favors. What a beautiful way to give to others on a day that is so special and personal.

There is more than one way to do this. Some couples donate on behalf of a loved one. Others donate in lieu of favors for guests. I also heard about a couple that had a dollar dance, but instead of putting the money towards their honeymoon or things for their new house, they donated it to Make-A-Wish. In all of the stories I have heard, there is one common denominator: They were inspired by a person who found something special in Make-A-Wish.

I have never been to a wedding that has incorporated donations to a cause other than a “honeymoon fund”, but I imagine how it would be. I imagine sitting down to dinner and seeing a beautiful card in front of me that read, “In celebration of (Bride & Groom), a donation has been made in your name to Make-A-Wish in honor of your attendance”. This one tiny gesture could spark so much inspiration and joy into the hearts of guests. I, personally, would be so honored to know that a donation was made in lieu of a wedding favor. Giving to others is the ultimate gift! Besides, wedding guests are already getting a free meal and awesome party, am I right?

On a day when your most heartfelt wish comes true, helping to make someone else’s wish come true is such a beautiful statement. It says that even on the most important day of your life, as some would call it, you still remember that there is something so much bigger than this day and bigger than yourself, that deserves to be recognized. I know this is something I would love to do at my wedding one day, and I hope it inspires others to remember that love transcends two people, their family and their friends.

Love is something we can all share with others, like our amazing wish kids and their families. Love can bring hope, strength and joy to these brave children’s lives, just as it brings hope, strength and joy to a marriage.

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