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Natalia Inspires With Selfless Wish

Wish kid Natalia
My daughter Brianna is a wish kid. During her fight against a brain tumor, she was referred to Make-A-Wish and had her wish granted in 2012 to go to New York City. Amidst a period of time where HOPE is critical, the wish gave my daughter and my family a break from the daily medical routines and lasting joyful memories.

When I heard about Natalia’s wish to create a soup and have it served to the homeless, I was so captivated by her compassion for others. Her lack of selfishness and materialism with a genuine heart to care for the less fortunate just blew me away and still does. This young lady is really amazing.

What is so inspiring about Natalia is that she didn’t want her soup to be created for one act of kindness, but rather a recipe that many more people can enjoy. As someone who has experienced the power of a wish in my own family, I immediately wanted to help Natalia change lives in our community through her wish.

With the help of student volunteers at Sullivan University, we decided to join Natalia in warming stomachs and hearts alike by making Chef Natalia’s Soup of Love for the homeless in Louisville. We used 350 pounds of peeled, diced, sliced vegetables and our students saved the day by volunteering to help out in a big way. I was so proud of our students as they were excited to help Natalia reach more people with her soup.

On delivery day (Feb. 13), we loaded 75 gallons of soup in my vehicle for transport. We had a big send-off celebration from the Sullivan University as we produced so much soup that five shelters in Louisville were all able to serve Chef Natalia’s Soup of Love throughout the downtown area.

Many people at the shelters heard about Natalia’s soup and came early to try it. Several folks prayed for Natalia and passed verbal and written messages of hope, love, and appreciation for her amazing gift of not just her soup … but her kindness.

Natalia taught us all a lesson this past Valentine’s Day about what love really looks like. To celebrate, every Valentine’s Day from now on, we will be making Natalia’s soup and serving it to people in need in honor of her wish.

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