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Years ago, I learned a great lesson about how people recognize Make-A-Wish. I was on vacation in a remote part of Belize, hiking with a group of people from all over the world. As we got to know each other, someone asked about where I work. Every single person in the group recognized “Make-A-Wish.”

“You send the sick children to Disney World!” said one traveler from Holland.

Well, yes. We do.

But there’s more to the wishes we grant – and even more depth to our support from Disney. Let’s take a look at how Disney has helped grant the wishes of more than 88,000 children since 1980 … many of them without visiting a Disney park.

Harnessing Creativity

From Snow White to Wreck-It Ralph, Disney sets the benchmark in animation. Even if you work for one of the other great animation studios, chances are you grew up watching the Disney classics. And I’ll bet you dreamed of scoring a gig with Disney.

In 2002, Tai wished to live a day as a Disney animator. Her video will show you how her wish continues to impact her future. Today, she is the design & production manager for Make-A-Wish Alaska & Washington.

Disney has brought many other Make-A-Wish kids into the creative process. One of my favorites: Katelin voiced a character in Kim Possible, one of her favorite shows.

Cade does his best pirate impressionSailing the Seas

Every day, there’s a Disney Cruise Line® ship underway somewhere in the Caribbean or near the Bahamas. All four ships are home to roving Disney characters, and they’re designed keel to mast for family vacations.

They’re also a hit with wish kids who love the sea nearly as much as they love their favorite characters. Kids like Cade and Olivia find everything they need to celebrate triumph over their medical conditions – or to boost their courage for more treatments when they return home.

Sandra meets the performers back-stageMeeting the Idols

You’ll find Disney’s brand of creativity in many unexpected places. Our friends at The Disney/ABC Television Group made it possible for “Dancing with the Stars” superfan Sandra to see an episode of the ABC-TV hit live. She met the cast, and even put her skills to work during an impromptu dance.

The cast of High School Musical also granted quite a few wishes. And the ESPN SportsCenter “My Wish” series continues to make sports wishes come true.

Looking Deeper

The longer I work with Make-A-Wish, the more questions I answer about Disney wishes. My favorite part of these conversations is showing them what lies beyond the theme parks.

Make-A-Wish kids are incredibly creative at examining their imaginations. And Disney … well, from park attractions to animation classics, they are dialed into creativity. It’s no wonder that wish kids connect with Disney so often.

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