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Wish Wednesday - Three Stories in the Media

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Make-A-Wish grants a wish every 38 minutes, and each one is worth talking about. But some wishes seem to captivate our friends in the media. Today, let’s check out three wish stories that have several news organizations abuzz. Read more ...
First up is Bridgett, 16, a dedicated pianist diagnosed with Hodgkin lymphoma. News organizations in the Midwest were the first to  cover her wish to have a red piano. Now, the headline "Teen gets custom red piano from Make-A-Wish Foundation" has spread across the web. People are talking about it in online forums all around the world. Her wish has been in the works for awhile now; the red piano took six months to create. Bridgett is still going through chemotherapy – but anyone who loves playing an instrument knows she’ll find motivation to get well and keep playing with that bright red piano in her home.

Next, meet Annika, 9. Before being diagnosed with a brain tumor, she lived an idyllic life in Alabama. Wildlife surrounds her home – which is probably why she loves all animals, domesticated and wild alike. Her wish was to help animals, so the Alabama chapter donated in her name. The amount will be enough to spay or neuter about 70 animals, which will have long-term benefits to keeping local animal populations in check. The young philanthropist has some on-point words that apply to all of us with a favorite charity: “Do it. It’s so easy and fun. You can do it.”

Finally, we have Peter’s story. Peter was 17 and in treatment for cancer when he made his wish. Today, he’s 19 and in remission. He wished to meet the Pope, and that wish came true during a trip to Rome. Peter’s papal visit isn’t the first of its kind that we’ve granted. But in one of his interviews, Peter offers an impeccable, heartfelt quote that gets exactly to the heart of why Make-A-Wish exists: “Chemo helped me fight the cancer. Make-A-Wish helped me fight the chemo.” Peter has given many interviews, in each showing intelligence, perspective and gratitude. It’s easy to see why reporters take such an interest in what he has to say.

What are some of your favorite Make-A-Wish stories that you've seen covered in the media?

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LOVE Peter's quote! Another quote from a wish kid that has always stayed with me was from a girl who wished to meet her favorite celebrity. "I will never forget the night I was known as Susan, and not the girl with cancer." Such inspiring kids who remind us of what is truly important.

September 11, 2013 - 8:22 PM

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