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Wish Wednesday - 5 Inspiring Wish Connections

Brad meets firefighters
A wish experience connects. It sparks an interaction between a wish kid and a community that empowers lives. It reaffirms a belief in heroes and a knowledge that others care. As human beings, we can’t thrive in isolation. Our strength comes from the world around us. Read more ...

Luke meets sea turtlesFor this week’s Wish Wednesday, here are five wish experiences that inspired a connection for a hopeful tomorrow.

Luke Visits Sea Turtles
With a wish, a child with a life-threatening medical condition experiences a glimpse of the world reaffirming the wonders of life’s possibilities. It gives wish kids a reason to overcome their condition. When Luke hears his wish will come true, his demeanor changes. Before he was a leukemia patient, but now he’s just a kid who is going to Hawaii to visit sea turtles. He admires the massive creature as it swims through the water. That interaction with nature and his favorite animal rejuvenates his spirit - and inspires a smile his family missed.

Brad Meets NYC Firefighters
Wish kid find strength in the heroes they admire. After 9/11, Brad joined the rest of our nation in thanking the courage of NYC firefighters. They saw an insurmountable obstacle. They ran into danger anyway because saving a life meant more to them than fear. Living with a life-threatening skeletal disorder that causes brittle bones, Brad understands overcoming obstacles. During his wish experience Brad meets NYC firefighters. He connects to their courage and looks forward to the day he becomes an emergency dispatcher.

Kennedy Meets Ballerinas
A wish allows seriously ill children to explore their imaginations and dream about what they could be with youthful aspiration. Kennedy’s life-threatening neurological condition affected her hearing. Before her wish, part of her skull was removed during a procedure required to save her life. But then, Kennedy stood backstage surrounded by real ballerinas. She watched as they prepared to grace the stage and capture the audience in an imaginative story with strength and beauty. Kennedy and her family are not alone – they have hope. Kennedy can hear and she can dance, too.  

Dhanush Reunites with Doctor

There’s something to be said about thanking the person who helped you during dark times. It’s uplifting for both parties – reaffirming faith in the world. Dr. Carmen Weeber-Morse saved Dhanush’s life when no one else could figure out why Dhanush was sick. With the accurate diagnosis of neutropenia – a life-threatening immune system disorder – the doctor gave Dhanush a fighting chance. With the right medication, Dhanush overcomes. During his wish experience he reconnects with Dr. Weeber-Morse. He has a role model to look up to – someone who didn’t back down because his life was worth it. And she finds a patient that gives her hope.

Connections to other people and the rest of the world give us hope. It helps wish kids keep fighting. The healing power of these wish interactions will always be a source of inspiration for me and it hope they will for you as well. 

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