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Wish Wednesday – Superhero, Pop Star and Fundraiser Edition

Michael Becomes Beetleboy
Today’s Wish Wednesday features three stories that will connect you to just about every facet of a wish experience – from what happens after a wish comes true to everyday people finding their own way to help. Read more ...

First up, we have a story about a Make-A-Wish legend … Beetle Boy, aka Michael. His wish came true 14 years ago. His photo still hangs in our national headquarters, and we’ve even turned his wish into a public service announcement. Today, he’s looking forward to getting married. And looking back on the day he became more than a kid with a respiratory condition and transformed into a hero who saved Pittsburgh. Check in with him for an update on a great future shaped by a wish. 

Next, we get a look at a freshly granted wish. Nine-year-old DeLyla (right) gotMaggiano's Little Italy helped get DeLyla's wish off to a great start. a welcome break from radiation treatments to fight her brain cancer. The occasion? Her chance to be a pop star. DeLyla’s day was full of limousine rides, radio interviews, live performances and signing autographs. I hope something in her wish experience helps DeLyla find the edge she needs to get well and keep singing. 

Finally, let’s head to the Chicago area – that’s where a bartender finally brought to a close her 14-year effort to raise $400,000 to grant wishes. Sally Foigh Leigh lost her mother to breast cancer, and overcame the same condition herself four years. She raised enough money to grant 62 wishes by organizing golf outings. Sally’s story is proof that anyone can find effective, creative ways to help a cause – and that it can add up to something that’s truly transformational.

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