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Wish Wednesday: Three Empowering Wishes

Dalton has a voice
Just about every wish is flat-out fun – vacations, theme park visits, living a day as a firefighter, just to name a few. But some wishes by their very nature are something even more empowering. Read more …
These are experiences that can alter a wish kid’s everyday life. From the day their wish comes true, they are more mobile, more active and more in control of their lives. Today, I have a few stories for you that are great examples of wishes that open the world up for kids.

Dalton Gets a Voice
Dalton’s neurological condition prevented him from communicating with his family. He couldn’t express the most basic thoughts or feelings. His wish for a touch-screen device to let him verbalize his thoughts continues to make his life better. He made his wish so he could tell his mother “I love you.” From learning to creativity, the wish leaves Dalton in a position to discover more possibilities in his life.

The impact was immediate, but he continued to work with a speech therapist to fully master the device. Dalton’s mother put it best: “It’s going to change our lives … it has already in the two weeks he’s had it.”

A Big Lift for Jeffrey
Getting around is a huge challenge for kids with Duchenne muscular dystrophy. Jeff, 15, needed special slings and wheelchairs just to get around the house. And going outside? A massive obstacle. His wish for an all-terrain wheelchair leveled the playing field. When he’s at the control, he can cruise through the backyard in any weather. His family even has plans to try camping … with Jeffrey leading the way down the trail. That’s pure empowerment that will let him participate in life – just like his friends and family.

EagleEyes Give Mia the Chance to Grow
All nine years of her life, Mia has been unable to walk or talk because of her neuro-developmental condition. Her family has been unsure how much she understands what’s happening around her. Make-A-Wish granted her wish to have an EagleEyes device, which reads electrical impulses and translates it into movement of a cursor on a computer screen. The big picture, though, is that Mia can express herself like she never has before. “EagleEyes is giving Mia an opportunity to explore what is going on around her and show us for the first time that she understands,” Mia’s mother, Michelle, told a local newspaper. “Mia has never held a book and read it. Mastering something on her own is a new experience for her. That’s where the magic comes in. Watching her blossom and realize her own abilities is truly heartwarming.”

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Ginger C Peacock

These Stories And These Inspiring Children Bless Me So To read How Much They Are Grateful !! I Pray for my heart to become likened to These Children, For They Are My Heroes!

September 18, 2013 - 10:57 AM

Jeremy Johnson

Solid. So very special.

September 18, 2013 - 3:59 PM

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