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Wish Wednesday – Nessie’s Year of Triumph

Every day, I get a few messages in my inbox about media coverage of wishes. Most of the stories are about Make-A-Wish kids whose wishes have just come true. Today, I found something a little different – a triumphant look at 8-year-old Nessie celebrating one year of remission from lymphoblastic lymphoma.

The story from the San Mateo Journal website shows exactly why a Make-A-Wish experience is so important for kids with life-threatening medical conditions. It explains how Nessie and her family rediscovered how to feel normal again through her wish to visit a theme park.

“You get to forget almost everything for that little moment and feel like you are actually human,” Nessie’s father, Efram, says.

Here’s what really put a smile on my face: Nessie’s family is raising money for Make-A-Wish Greater Bay Area.

This is one of the ways a Make-A-Wish experience changes families: They find in a wish experience something vital, something that pulls them together and makes them stronger. And they commit to helping other families who face struggles just like theirs. This is one of the greatest ways a wish can impact a family and a community.

Nessie’s story shows the full arc of a Make-A-Wish experience, from heartbreaking to victorious. Her family is candid in sharing their fears … but they also show the hope they found in anticipation of Nessie’s wish, the happiness of her wish coming true and the genuine optimism they see in their future together. 

And remember, I can only share Nessie’s story because someone referred her for a wish. That’s the vital first step. If you know a child who may be eligible, find out who can make a referral

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