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Wish Wednesday - Wishes on the Farm

Jordan's lawnmower wish
Even after nearly eight years at Make-A-Wish, the kids we serve still have ways of surprising me. Most of the time, it’s when I hear about an unusual wish that a chapter granted. This week, a wish to have a chicken coop is the cause of my “did I really just read that?” moment. Read more ...

Jillie is a 3-year-old from Oregon. Her love for animals turned into a wish that required help from local feed stores – to have a miniature farm with eight chickens and a rabbit. The best news is that she is now enjoying her mini-farm free from cancer; her physicians declared her cancer-free in June.  

And Jillie is far from the only Make-A-Wish kid who have made wishes with some sort of tie to agriculture. 

Five-year-old Joe Joe, who is diagnosed with leukemia, has dreams of being a farmer. According to Beef magazine, tractors are part of the farm allure for Joe Joe (I get it, Joe Joe. Tractors are fun.). The town of Waterloo, Ill., teamed up to grant his wish with a parade, plus a day planting seeds, fertilizing fields, collecting eggs and – my favorite – holding piglets. The people of Waterloo gave Joe Joe a day he’ll always remember, and his family can’t say enough about the community and its kindness. And Joe Joe is also in remission!

And then there’s 16-year-old Jordan. He wished to have a lawnmower so he could mow his neighbor’s lawns. We could all understand if, while going through end-stage renal disease, Jordan wished to treat himself. But he’s just not that kind of guy – he has visions of his future, and it includes a lawn care business. And he knows his elderly neighbors can use his help. OK, so Jordan's wish isn't strictly farm-related. But any plot of land that requires a riding mower is close enough to a farm for me! Either way, his wish is sure to have an impact on his future.

And really, these are just a sample. Over the years, I’ve heard of wishes to drive a Caterpillar D-11 tractor, a few other farmer wishes, a wish to have a greenhouse and more. Each of these wishes represents just a glimpse at the diversity of wishes we grant

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robert n baker

i think if you have faith in something you should never give up. and if you want to make a diff. in you should never give up on your dream i think you should "dream big or go home," that's one of my sayings. i love kids i cant have kids of my own.

November 26, 2013 - 10:41 AM

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