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Wish Wednesday - 3 Give Back Wishes

Lauren gives comfort & hope
It’s November. Halloween is over and everyone prepares for the holiday season. As my friends and family use their social media pages to give thanks or encourage giving, I think of the wish kids who used their wish to give to others. I give you this week’s Wish Wednesday: 3 Give Back Wishes.

We All Get Some Ice Cream: Thanks to Robin

At 5 years old Robin, was overjoyed when the ice cream man came to visit his neighborhood. But he noticed some of the kids didn’t have enough money for the ice cream. 

While overcoming cancer, Robin asks for a wish that is the essence of all that is good and selfless. His wish - to become the boss of the ice cream man and give every kid in his neighborhood a yummy treat.

Fifteen years have passed and Robin still has the same giving nature and willingness to spread the word of what a Make-A-Wish experience can do. Hear Robin recount his wish in a Then & Now video.

Bunny Blankets for every patient: Thanks to Lauren

While fighting through chemotherapy and radiation, Lauren’s bunny blanket helped her feel better. It made her brave.

For her wish, Lauren thinks about the other patients in the hospital. She connects with their fear and their sleepless nights. She wants to pass along the feeling of comfort and hope. With a push cart overflowing with bunny blankets, Lauren hands delivers her gift to each patient.  The patients understand, as only those facing a life-threatening condition can, and they appreciate her kindness.

And Lauren ... she knows it’s possible to change lives. 

Toys & Clothes for Homeless Children: Thanks to Jordan

Jordan wishes for a shopping spree. But he doesn't want new gadgets for himself - he wants to take care of the homeless children in his community. To create the perfect wish experience, the Make-A-Wish team united with Walmart, Domino’s pizza and Cold Stone Creamery and two local organizations with knowledge on the needs of homeless children in the community. 

He heads to Walmart stores where he finds carts and bins filled with merchandise. Every store gives him a discount, a check to supplement his shopping spree.

The gifts in tow, Jordan arrives at a celebration party where he meets the kids benefiting from his selfless wish. He joins them in donated pizza, cookies and ice cream.

At the end of the day, Jordan gives each kid a hug and a specially selected present, wrapped that morning by his family and Make-A-Wish volunteers. Each child thanks him for his generosity and compassion.


These wishes inspire me. In their darkest hour, the power of their hearts shined bright. They used their strength to encourage others that it gets better. To show others the joys of life that helped them fight their life-threatening medical conditions. Jordan, Lauren and Robin aren’t the only ones. Read more wishes to give and feel their compassion.

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