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Thousands to Grant Epic Wish

Miles superhero
We blog about the impact of wishes. Parents and siblings attest to a wish’s power, and wish kids will often tell you straight out that their wish changed their life – forever.

But how do you show a wish’s impact on a community? It’s hard to collect a quote for that. Actions speak louder than words. 

Community involvement powers wishes every day in endless ways, with volunteers, local businesses and organizations working toward one objective: to make a local child’s wish come true. It’s the idea that was behind the inception of Make-A-Wish. It’s the idea behind the thousands of wishes we grant each year.

Superhero Fans Already Abuzz

The wish of a boy with leukemia has captured the attention of media across the globe – and it will come to life this Friday. 

Miles, 5, wishes to be a superhero. To grant his wish, thousands of people in the San Francisco area are coming together to create and take part in the narrative for Miles’ wish.

Make-A-Wish Greater Bay Area has coordinated a wish experience on the scale of a military operation. Miles’ day begins at 10 a.m. with a call for help from the city’s chief of police. Throughout the day, the young crime fighter will weave his way across the city –  rescuing “a damsel in distress” on the cable car line, foiling a bank robbery near the Financial District, and chasing the bad guys to a climactic battle of good vs. evil at AT&T Park, the home field for the San Francisco Giants. 

A Huge Cast Signs On

More than 10,000 people have RSVPd online to play a role in Miles’ wish. Many will gather for a celebration ceremony at City Hall with San Francisco’s mayor and chief of police.

“This wish has meant closure for our family and an end to over three years of putting toxic drugs in our son’s body” says Miles’ mom, Natalie. “This wish has become kind of a family reunion and is our celebration of his treatment completion.”

Families always feel how a wish experience changes them. On Friday, an entire city – maybe an entire planet – will discover how it feels to share the power of a wish®.

Not in San Francisco? You Can Still Join the Experience

Stay tuned, and be ready to join the conversation as Miles’ wish unfolds on Friday. Share the story on Facebook. Retweet it. Maybe even learn how you can play a part in a future wish.

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Carolina S.

Today in the news, I learned that San Francisco is being transformed into Gotham City! I think this will be such a wonderful wish come true. It touched my heart to see Miles in his hero costume and hope he knows he is also a hero without it!
This Halloween my husband, son and daughter all dressed up of The Dark Knight, Robin and BatGirl to go trick-or treating. At first, when my husband put on his mask, my son became a little scared but as the night went by and many doors were knocked my son felt less scared. And at end all 3 superheroes walked as friends. Since then, my little one year old, whenever he sees his dad he says "Batman" and starts humming the 1960's theme song. To my son, I see that his dad became his hero and the people from San Francisco through all their efforts will become supportive heroes to Miles. Thank you Make-A-Wish America for showing one boy he is not alone in the City of Gotham.

November 15, 2013 - 8:54 AM

Karla M.

Just beautiful! What a wonderful outcome of this wish!
My hats off to Make-A-Wish and to the City of San Francisco. :)

November 16, 2013 - 1:09 AM


I am so inspired by the recent Make-A-Wish for BATKID in SF on Friday that I am going to donate $$ to your organization. Thank you for the work you do.

November 16, 2013 - 11:31 AM

John @ Make-A-Wish

Thank you, Jennifer, your generosity will help us grant more wishes. We could fill wish.org with pages of media reports on Miles' wish, but I added Mashable's collection of Instagram photos (I like how people in the community captured the day).

November 16, 2013 - 11:47 AM


Seeing the joy on MIles face as he lived out his wish brought a smile to my face and tears to my eyes. More than the photos of Miles as Batkid on November 15, the image of Miles in the Batkid costume from what has to be a year or two ago, has touched me beyond belief. Here was a photo taken at a time when Miles was sick and undergoing treatment, and yet, he had a joyful smile on his face. What an amazing child. Thank you to Make-A-Wish and all the volunteers who work hard to make wishes comes true. I am proud to have made a donation to my local chapter in Minnesota. Keep up the good work. I wish Miles, and so many like him, many years of health and happiness.

November 19, 2013 - 6:56 PM

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