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Papa Roach Steps up for Mark's Rock Star Wish

Mark, Papa Roach, rock star experience
Music has power that’s hard to explain. There’s something in a chord progression or a drum fill that can turn a person’s mood. Sometimes, the notes just settle into the mind and take root. The lyrics connect the listener and the artist, even if they never meet.

And that’s just listening! Making music – a cover of your favorite song or your own creation, it doesn’t matter – catapults the experience to a different universe. That’s why I understand Mark’s wish … why he made it, and what it can do for him.

Mark’s one true wish was to have a rock star experience. His favorite band, Papa Roach, agreed to help Mark and his band, Breaking Boundaryz, record a few tracks.

Mark, Beth, Papa RoachMark has played in Breaking Boundaryz throughout his teens. His sister, Bethany, is also in the band. Together, they’ve played shows all over San Antonio.

Then Mark was diagnosed with cancer. His mother, Liz, says it stopped the family in its tracks. Chemotherapy sapped Mark’s energy.

“…but his mind was still racing – thinking about all he wanted to do with his life and determined to have that life be as long as possible,” Liz wrote in a letter to Make-A-Wish.

A Wish to Shape the Future

Mark has enough music experience to know that recording at a professional studio can allow Breaking Boundaryz to make their songs sound even better than they can envision. There’s just a level of expertise that will allow Mark and his bandmates to make something that will be a point of pride throughout their lives.

Mark is in remission, but it’s hard to predict what can happen next. If he does face any other medical challenges, he’ll know that Papa Roach was by his side. What an incredible motivation!

Papa Roach Stands by Mark

I can only guess what it’s like for Papa Roach. Did they ever imagine being in a position to do something so incredible for a fan? The video shows how genuine they were in granting Mark’s wish.

Enjoy it, and watch for more updates about Mark and his rock star experience – from press conferences to makeovers to meetings with the record label and beyond – on Fuse News and here at Wish Nation.

Mark’s wish story is airing on Fuse News on Nov. 26, 2013. Fuse News airs at 7:30/6:30 Central. 

I think we’ll all see even more of Mark and Breaking Boundaryz in the future!

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Tim Peevy

Keep fighting brother, someday you and your band will too be living the life of a rock star like the guys with Papa Roach. Got you in my thoughts brother.

November 25, 2013 - 11:48 PM

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