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Wish Flashback - Jordan Goes to Australia

Jordan enjoys his vacation
The clock is ticking toward Thanksgiving, and you may have noticed an unexpected post yesterday. Since we’ll all be enjoying some time off Friday, this wraps up the Wish Nation fun for the holiday week.

Today’s post is just a look at a wish I wrote about a few years ago. It was one of those great occasions when I had the chance to interview a family member. Marcia told me all about her son, Jordan, and his wish to visit Australia – one of my favorite places on the planet.

Talking to Marcia and seeing a trip to Australia from her perspective made me realize how important Jordan’s wish experience was for her entire family. Think about what a vacation is for you: You work hard, and you hope to find the time and resources to get away for two weeks. Maybe you have your hopes set on somewhere far away like Australia. Maybe you just want to travel a few states over to spend time with your extended family.

Think about how that time rejuvenates you, and how the memories make it a little easier to get out of bed in the morning.

Now, imagine what that must be like for Marcia. She spent so much time away from home with Jordan – in a hospital, watching him try to get better through medicine and his own will.

His wish turned into a rallying point … something he could anticipate. And when he boarded the plane to cross the equator and the International Date Line, I know Jordan felt the world and all its possibilities open up to him.

My trips make my life better for months – from the time I book my airline tickets to the day I return with stories about everything I experienced.

Jordan Australia UpdateBut Jordan's trip was on a different level. He'd fought for his life before his trip. He won. He reclaimed his future. And he celebrated his triumph in a way that will always lift his spirits. 

Here's a bit of great news, too: Marcia says that Jordan and the rest of the family reminisce about his wish to go to Australia often. She even gave us a photo of him returning to Colorado for a vacation.

"I am happy to report Jordan  is doing great, he is a sophomore this year in high school, his health is good, and he is doing very well academically in school," Marcia writes.

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