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Frosty Friday – 3 Winter Wishes

Kody winter wish
Winter is coming. For Make-A-Wish kids, there’s more joy in those words than you’ll ever get out of those gloomy Starks from A Game of Thrones.

Kody winter wish

Since temperatures are plummeting (it may have gotten into the 50s here in Phoenix!), this is a great time to call out some great winter-themed wishes. Make sure you think of these wishes next time you have to put on 13 layers of clothing to go outside and get your car started.

Let’s start with a recent wish: Kodiak, 10, told Make-A-Wish volunteers “I wish to see BIG snow.” He’s from San Diego, so he hadn’t ever experienced the quiet that follows the first big snowfall ... or the noise of every kid in the neighborhood hitting the local sledding hill ... or a maelstrom of flying snowballs. Kodiak’s trip to the Cascades gave him the chance to enjoy a thick blanket of snow, without ever shoveling it out of a driveway. The San Diego chapter website will tell you all about it.

Here’s another kid who could only imagine what snow was like before her Make-A-Wish experience. Six-year-old Sophia is from Florida, and her wish took her to Maine. They know a thing or two about snow up there. Sophia’s wish was all about sleigh riding, sledding, snow tubing and building snowmen.

Cody wished to visit the ICE Hotel

Let’s wrap it up with 17-year-old Cody. His wish involved a dogsled ride from the airport, sleeping in a reindeer fur blanket and getting a blast of 20-degrees-below-zero Arctic air. He wished to visit the ICEHOTEL in Jukkasjärvi, Sweden. A documentary about the ICEHOTEL, which is carved from ice pulled from a nearby river every winter, inspired Cody’s wish.

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