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Wish Wednesday - A Wish in the News

Princess Annie dances with a prince.
There are some wish stories that appear once or twice in news articles, but then there are others that seem to captivate the online world. A facial expression, a quote, a well-produced story, or simply the right audience at the right time – there’s never a perfect equation for what makes it viral. But for this week’s Wish Wednesday we highlight a video that has gained quite the circulation: Annie’s princess wish.

A tiara and pretty dress would give her the look, but Annie wanted the whole package. Good Morning America tells the story of Annie’s wish to dance at a ball with a prince. But not just any prince a “real prince.”

And Italian Prince Lorenzo Borghese fit the part. He will meet her at Grand Royal Ball on her 11th birthday. But first she shops for the perfect gown. Once she's ready she gives a princess wave as she walks down the red carpet into the ballroom.

It’s a fairytale story. One of glamour and beauty. It’s a chance for a girl – whose everyday life is filled with the worry of her life-threatening medical condition – to step away, if only for a moment, and celebrate life. As she twirls in her sparkly blue dress she’s no longer a cystic fibrosis patient. 

She’s a princess. Today, she’s the girl an Italian prince came to dance with. Annie is empowered knowing her dream could be possible.

It’s powerful. That’s why many chose to share with their friends ... so they too could watch that sparkle of hope dance in Annie’s eyes.

Thank you for spending two minutes to serve as witness to her royal wish experience. But when the video ends and you want more, take a look at some of our other wish videos. Every 38 minutes, on average, we grant a life-changing wish. There are plenty more stories to watch, read and – of course – share. 

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