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Why I Left a Legacy With Make-A-Wish

Why Make-A-Wish? We all have our reasons. For some, it’s a direct connection – a friend or loved one with a life-threatening medical condition received a wish. For others, it is less personal. Perhaps they saw an inspiring wish story in the news or heard about a favorite celebrity who grants wishes.

The reasons for donating to Make-A-Wish do not come in a standard, one-size-fits-all package. But one thing is for sure – everyone has one.

I want to share with you a beautiful letter that we recently received from Joette Higgins, a donor who has made Make-A-Wish a beneficiary of her will through the Legacy of WishesSM program. Joette tells us why with her very heartfelt words:

I have made the Make-A-Wish Foundation one of my beneficiaries for very selfish reasons. The spirit of a child has always warmed my heart and brought me great joy.

There is nothing more powerful than a dream – or in this case, a wish. We have all had dreams, hopes and wishes that change, grow or even become jaded as we age. Sometimes life gets in the way of our dreams, so that we may lose sight of what was once the most important things in our lives. Our passion for life or even a simple wish seems so far out of reach that we let life become routine and ordinary. We let wonderful opportunities pass us by because we feel too burdened to change paths or directions and try something new, or even revisit the wish we once had. “The economy is bad, I am not making enough money, I have had too many losses in my life, I have nothing left in me to give, etc.”

I have no children. It is one of my regrets in life. However, one of the most rewarding times in my life was when I volunteered to work with children from dysfunctional homes.  As I watched them grow in confidence and overcome their fears, my heart danced with joy. As I watched those sad little faces lift their heads and smile with a twinkle in their eyes, my happiness grew. There’s nothing more rewarding and fulfilling than to see the kindling or rekindling of a child’s spirit. Children do not become jaded the way adults do. They have the ability to connect to their spirits faster than adults, when given the chance. Children are wonderful teachers. Children teach us about love, patience, creativity and spirit.

Reaching out to the Make-A-Wish Foundation gives me tremendous warmth and joy in my heart. It renews my strength and empowerment in my daily life. It’s like passing on a gift of spirit. You cannot keep the spirit of joy in your heart if you do not give it away.




Joette’s reason for donating to Make-A-Wish is unique to her, grounded in her own life experience. However, each reason that sparks a donation, whatever it may be, leads to a similar, incredibly meaningful outcome: it makes it possible for us to continue to grant life-altering wishes. And for that, we are grateful.

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