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Future Friday - 3 Empowering Wishes

We, as women, have more opportunities than ever before to take charge of our careers and our lives. For Future Friday let’s appreciate three awesome wish kids who took charge of their futures and made their own destiny – all while dealing with or overcoming their medical challenges. Read more ...

Jaeda's Coast Guard Training 

As a teenager, Jaeda had to deal with a life-threatening respiratory condition and still was faced with the quest to figure out what she wanted to do with her life.

Before Jaeda’s wish came true, she was thinking about becoming an astronaut. But after flying out of a helicopter during a rescue-swimmer training mission as part of her wish experience, she considered going into the Coast Guard to be a pilot. "This really has opened a lot of doors for me," she said.

Juliana's Science Experiments Wish kid Juliana the scientist

At home, Juliana ponders scientific questions, like how to make "goop", and conducts her own experiments. With her wish, she's a bona-fide scientist with the right equipment and mentoring.

She learns about the patterns of water movement in rivers with scientists at MIT. Her wish: it gave her tools to help build a future for long after her treatments for leukemia have ended.

Shelby Studies Art in Paris

Shelby barely had energy to create art. After Shelby wished to go to Paris to study art, she had something to anticipate. The thought of getting away from home to experience something new invigorated her.

After her trip, Shelby was inspired to help others. She has raised more than $35,000 for Make-A-Wish by selling her paintings. The chance to think about something other than a serious illness was the beginning of a lasting change in her health. She was able to stop taking medication that had been part of her life for 14 years. 

“My wish gave me hope for the future,” Shelby said.


These wish kids have the willpower to pursue their aspirations. And they aren't the only ambitious wish kids. Read more wish stories about kids who didn't let their life-threatening illnesses stop them from pursuing their passions in life. Become inspired by them as I am.

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