Walk For Wishes®

Together we walk. Together we grant wishes.

What is Walk For Wishes?

Powered by wish families, volunteers, donors and friends, Walk For Wishes is a nationwide Make-A-Wish® fundraiser that celebrates the thousands of wishes that have already been granted, while raising funds for future wishes. By participating in one of the 75 walks held throughout the country, you can help bring the life-changing impact of a wish to children battling life-threatening medical conditions in your community.

Where can I walk?

You can join a Walk For Wishes event in communities across the country. Visit the following chapter websites to get involved or to learn more about events happening near you.

 Make-A-Wish® Alabama  Make-A-Wish® Mississippi
 Make-A-Wish® Alaska & Washington  Make-A-Wish® Missouri
 Make-A-Wish® Arizona  Make-A-Wish® New Jersey
 Make-A-Wish® Central & Western North Carolina  Make-A-Wish® North Dakota
 Make-A-Wish® Central and Northern Florida  Make-A-Wish® North Texas
 Make-A-Wish® Central New York  Make-A-Wish® Northeast New York
 Make-A-Wish® Connecticut  Make-A-Wish® Northeastern CA & Northern Nevada
 Make-A-Wish® Eastern North Carolina  Make-A-Wish® Ohio, Kentucky & Indiana
 Make-A-Wish® Georgia  Make-A-Wish® Oklahoma
 Make-A-Wish® Greater Bay Area  Make-A-Wish® Orange County & the Inland Empire
 Make-A-Wish® Greater Los Angeles  Make-A-Wish® Oregon
 Make-A-Wish® Greater PA & Southern WV  Make-A-Wish® Philadelphia & Susquehanna Valley
 Make-A-Wish® Greater Virginia  Make-A-Wish® San Diego
 Make-A-Wish® Hudson Valley  Make-A-Wish® South Carolina
 Make-A-Wish® Illinois  Make-A-Wish® South Dakota
 Make-A-Wish® Iowa  Make-A-Wish® Southern Florida
 Make-A-Wish® Maine  Make-A-Wish® Southern Nevada
 Make-A-Wish® Massachusetts and RI  Make-A-Wish® Suffolk County
 Make-A-Wish® Metro NY and Western NY  Make-A-Wish® the Mid-Atlantic
 Make-A-Wish® Michigan  Make-A-Wish® the Rio Grande Valley
 Make-A-Wish® Middle Tennessee  Make-A-Wish® Vermont
 Make-A-Wish® Minnesota  Make-A-Wish® Wisconsin

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