Grahamwood Elementary, Memphis, Tenn.

Grahamwood Elementary School in Memphis, Tenn., is a public school that has now sponsored and granted three wishes through Make-A-Wish® Mid-South, the most recent being to three-year-old Johnathan for a Cadillac Escalade that is just his size.

At the school's holiday program, Johnathan and his mother were present as special guests of the school. Little did they know that students had raised $6,000 and were about to give him the surprise of his life. As the program neared conclusion, a student drove this wonderful battery-operated Escalade across the stage, announcing that it belonged to none other than Johnathan. To no one’s surprise, he could not run to the stage fast enough.

Grahamwood Elementary, Memphis, TN

To raise the funds, students hosted Dollar Denim days, in which they donated $1 to have the privilege of foregoing school uniforms in place of denim. What they received was far more valuable than the chance to be more comfortable — the chance to witness a child having his fondest wish granted right then and there.

Johnathan’s mother wrote to the school as a show of gratitude, “I haven’t seen him this happy and excited in a long time. Well, with all of his hospitalizations, it has been hard for him. Today changed his life I believe forever and I owe it all to the students. Johnathan and I will remember this day for the rest of our lives. I felt like my son was a Hollywood star walking down the red carpet for a day. All I could do is smile. I finally got a chance to see that special glow on his face today.”