Project Ideas

Kids For Wish Kids® fundraising projects are only limited by imagination. Kids can select from the ideas listed below or developing something new.

Remember to get approval from your local chapter before launching an effort.

Have a “penny war”

Arrange for a contest between grades or homerooms to collect the most amount of pennies. Silver coins and dollar bills can be put in the opposing team's containers to count against the pennies. Have prizes such as a “pig-out party” with “p” foods — pizza, popcorn, pretzels, potato chips, etc. You may want to find a bank that is willing to count the pennies.

Hold student/teacher games

Organize basketball, softball, volleyball or flag football games between students and teachers. Charge admission to the games and sell refreshments. You can also hold a raffle during the games.

Host a dance marathon

Reserve the school gymnasium and ask a local deejay to donate his or her services. Have students pair up and obtain pledges from relatives and friends. Determine a length of time for the event (for instance, five hours).

Announce a dress-down day

If your school has a dress code, find out if students can contribute a small fee to wear casual clothes for the day. Teachers can participate too!

Coordinate a “Superstars for Wishes” event

A committee of students cuts out stars made of construction paper. Students purchase the stars and write their wishes on them. Then hang the stars in a popular area of the school, such as a hallway or cafeteria.

Sell candy-grams

For 50 cents, kids write messages to friends and teachers that are delivered during the day. Each message is accompanied by a piece of candy. Candy-grams work especially well around a holiday.

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If you are interested in sponsoring an internal event at your business, organization, or association, please contact your local chapter to explore possibilities, learn about the brand licensing requirements and find out how the chapter can help support your efforts. 

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