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A Make-A-Wish® internship allows you to work for an inspiring mission as you gain real-world experience alongside talented professionals at one of the country's most recognized and well-respected charities.

Make-A-Wish America offers internships during spring, summer and fall semesters. Internships are compensated on an hourly basis. The Make-A-Wish internship program is designed for current undergraduate and graduate students with the goal of being a leader in the nonprofit sector. 

The work of wish granting, and supporting wish granting, is not always easy. Nothing important ever is. It is, however, noble, fulfilling and life-changing work. At Make-A-Wish America, student interns and recent graduates contribute to exciting, challenging, and purposeful work. We treat every employee with dignity and respect, regardless of experience or role. Each team member focuses on helping Make-A-Wish move ever closer to its vision of granting the wish of every eligible child.

How To Apply

To apply online, visit the Make-A-Wish Career Center. Internship opportunities are listed by department name.

Opportunities, By Department

Internship offerings vary by semester. The following departments host a variety of internships each session. Where do you see a “right fit?”


Development staff members are responsible for the identification, qualification, cultivation, solicitation and stewardship of all funds from individuals and foundations. The department is also responsible for all national philanthropy campaigns.

Corporate Alliances

The Corporate Alliances Department is responsible for national corporate sponsorship programs including cause-related marketing, sponsorship, product licensing, in-kind programs and workplace giving. These programs generate significant financial, mission-critical, in-kind and volunteer resources that benefit the entire organization. Corporate Alliances is dedicated to building long-term, integrated strategic alliances with its corporate sponsors.

Chapter Support

The Chapter Support Department provides leadership in the development of organizational policies, support resources and intervention strategies to help chapters enhance their financial and organizations performance as they strive to grant the wish of every eligible child. Chapter Support works closely with chapters to address performance, leadership and organizational development issues, and ensure strong chapter field operations that are consistent with national policies and performance standards, and nonprofit best practices.

Brand Advancement

The Brand Advancement Department is responsible for marketing, public relations, communications, creative services, cultivation of entertainment and sports industry relationships, and management of national events and brand campaigns.

Finance and Operations

Finance and Operations is responsible for maintaining the integrity, accountability and viability of Make-A-Wish in all areas relating to accounting; internal and external reporting; cash management and investments; disclosure; risk management; and internal controls. In addition, the Finance Department is responsible for: the internal audit process for the national organization; the external audit processes for chapters and the national organization; the preparation of the national operating budget; the preparation of all state and federal filings; the administration of the Wish Fulfillment Fund and chapter development funds; and providing chapters with information, training and support in these areas of responsibility.

Human Resources

The HR Department is responsible for human resources, employee learning and development activities. The primary goal of the HR Department is to provide innovative and cost-effective programs in support of strategic initiatives to recruit, develop, retain and reward National Office staff.

Information Technology

Information Technology provides Make-A-Wish with strategy information, technology planning and administration, local and wide area networking, Internet communication, technical training, help desk and technical support services.

Alumni Musings

“Interning at Make-A-Wish America was a wonderful experience. During my stay, I worked within the Chapter Support department, working specifically in development. It was amazing to see how the National Office is able to assist chapters across the country with our vision to grant the wish of every eligible child. The insight and knowledge I gained through my internship continues to be extremely beneficial working now at Make-A-Wish Arizona as the external events coordinator.”

- Torrie Yerkovich, Chapter Support & Development Intern (Spring 2013)


"Interning at Make-A-Wish was a dream come true. To align myself with an organization with such a powerful, clear mission while gaining real work experience, it's something many people struggle their whole careers to find. Real work. Real passion."

- Jamie Sandys, Marketing Intern (Spring 2012)


“As senior at the University of Arizona, I was able to expand my experience in two fields that I had lots of interest. As a team member of both the Marketing and Creative Services teams I was able to immerse myself into two very diverse and evolving departments. I think that my time as an intern at the National Headquarters helped build the foundation on which I have built my career. I now have the privilege of working at one of the best b2b integrated-marketing agencies in Chicago. With the background experience working on lots of moving projects, tapping my creative juices, activating campaigns and working with two highly integrated teams, I was able to begin my job search with confidence, landing my dream job after graduation. Not to mention, the connections I made during my internship are still people that I keep in touch with today. It is more than an internship; it is an opportunity to be a part of something bigger than yourself.”

- Megan Flynn, Creative Services Intern (Summer 2011)


The Make-A-Wish internship program is designed for current undergraduate and graduate students with the goal of being a leader in the nonprofit sector.

Our internships help undergraduate and graduate students cultivate skills through real-life work experiences. 

Students are responsible for their own transportation and housing.

For more information and to apply online, visit the Make-A-Wish career center.